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SEO in Northampton

At 1PCS we specialise in helping businesses that are looking for SEO in Northampton. We can help you promote your site to attract new customers via the internet. We regularly register and re-register with all the main search engines to try and get higher in search engine results. For this to work successfully your site will require maintenance, updates and regular search engine submissions.

Whats involved in SEO?


We have to decide together the most relevant keywords and phrases to target. These then become the basis of our work

Search Engines

These days, almost everyone uses a search engine to browse the web. We submit your site to the most popular ones like Google and Bing so you can be found more easily

The Website Itself

The customer isn't going to bother with your site for long if it doesn't match the search results they clicked. A large portion of SEO is working on the website itself


Once the basics are in place, its then over to building up the rankings with tweaks and updates. We make regular changes so that after around 3-6 months we can begin to see those results rise

SEO in Northampton

Keywords Or Phrases

As part of 1PCS package, your web site will be submitted to the main internet search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines provide a quick and easy way for users to find what they are looking for on the web based on keywords or phrases, whether it be:

  • Sourcing information
  • Finding areas of interest
  • Locating an appropriate business

Search engines provide an essential tool for all Internet users and is often the largest area that gets overlooked by many Web Design Agencies. However, a well-designed website is of no use if the target audience cannot find it. This is one area where 1PCS is different as we consider that setting up a web site is only half of the whole job. The other half is associated with regularly reviewing search engine factors to be able to make appropriate changes and tweak to keep your web site as high as possible within the listings.

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SEO in Northampton

Cost-Effective Marketing

Search engines are also a cost-effective and simple way of marketing your site, as any person using the internet can be a potential customer. Unlike some web site marketing companies, we do not claim to offer top search engine positions in exchange for huge fees. We prefer to spend considerable time and effort manually registering each site on search engines and using our own tried and successful techniques in return for generally high rankings.

By using the right combination of effective site design, back-end programming techniques and industry-specific keywords, we can help your web site be found by as many people as possible.

By utilising the power of search engines any person using the internet can be your customer. We also spend time every month monitoring your company’s position, updating information such as keywords and re-registering your site to maintain and improve an optimum position.

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1PCS Ltd are committed to protecting your privacy and shall only use the information you provide on this page to respond to your enquiry.


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