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Web Design Kettering

1PCS are dedicated to providing innovative web design to small and medium businesses in Kettering. In a sector that is often out of reach for most, we work with businesses to not only create modern feature-packed websites but ones that are very affordable. From the first meeting to project completion and further, our support and comprehensive services stand us apart from other web design companies. Our artistic minds and technical know-how go into every project no matter whether it’s a 10-page brochure website or a large-scale e-commerce site.

Web Design Kettering

Our Sites Feature

Bespoke Design

All of our designs come with a 100% design guarantee to ensure you get the perfect looking website for your business


In a growing mobile world, it is essential that the website folds down naturally to smaller devices to be viewed on the go. All of our sites are built to work perfectly on mobiles and tablets

On Trend

Staying at the forefront of web design technology, we can design a modern site that helps you really stand out from competitors

Brand Consistency

Working with your current brand theme is important to build a customers trust. This helps prevent mis-steps with your online presence and provides a seamless experience for end users

Website design

Our Approach to Web Design

At 1PCS we have a team with years of experience in both the technology side and making your website work and run great, but also for the design side. Keeping up to date with the newest trends and design practices is important so your website will stay looking modern and fresh for years. The range of solutions we offer are suitable for everything from launching your first website to expanding on an existing website you have.

We have a wide range of services for web design, E-commerce and more, helping you create a strong and business-appropriate presence on the internet. Modern technology only has an effect once it is correctly used and our knowledge and experience are what’s needed to drive that. With each business and organisation being different, each strategy also needs to match that business; there’s no point using a product marketing strategy for a forum/information-based website.

Before we get started on the actual web design work, we discuss the main goals and objectives for the website with every client. This important insight into your business means that each design is perfect for each customer. Without this, it would be a guessing game as to what you want to achieve and the end product wouldn’t be appropriate for your business.

Let’s get started. We’d love to hear from you.

Website design

Eye-Catching Web Designs

Your website must be informative but also interesting to use, which is why at 1PCS we specialise in eye-catching and interactive web design elements such as: animated and static graphics, logos and icons with interactivity.

Our web sites are structured around PHP and can also incorporate Dynamic HTML, JavaScript and other modern styling elements to maximise the functionality of the site. Web sites or individual web pages can also be designed with various animations, a popular addition that enables an even more fluid website experience for the users.

Individual clients, individual web designs, unique to your requirements

All of the websites we create are individually built on the specific needs and requirements of the client. Each can offer a high level of interactivity and flexibility depending on each client’s wishes, but for every website we design, we can guarantee that they will be:

  • Created to reflect your company image and ideology
  • Designed using the latest web design technology and software
  • Attractive to your target audience
  • Quick to load (very important)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Viewable on the majority of web browsers and platforms

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