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Increasing Social Media Engagement: Tips To Help

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Social media is an important part of any marketing strategy for a business. With the aim for social media content to deliver impactful engagement for the posts created.

Achieving high social media engagement can be a useful measure of the success of your social media content for reaching your marketing goals with your audience and followers.

Within our blog post we will look at popular metrics used to track social media engagement, such as likes, comments and shares for social media posts. Along with providing tips on ways to help improve social media engagement for your business.

We will also look at the importance of doing your research and analysis beforehand and testing regularly to take any learnings from your social media engagement metrics to better benefit your engagement in the future on each platform.

Gemma Headshot Author

Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online. 

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Why is social media engagement important?

Firstly lets look at why businesses should consider engagement metrics as part of their planning for social media content curation. Having a strong engagement across social media platforms is an important indicator of whether your content is found to be useful or of interest to your audience and followers.

It can help to then create the next stage to your social media engagement strategy by identifying what content has been received well by your audience. If posts are having a low level of engagement it could be that the content or other factors are impacting it, so could mean that content needs revising or not used again in the future.

The aim on social media channels is to be delivering interesting content so that your social media efforts result in high engagement levels. Social media sites want to keep users on the platform for as long as possible, social media engagement metrics help them to identify as part of the algorithm if the audience interacts with the posts or not.

If content does initially perform well, it can lead to it being shown to a wider audience, which then can in turn achieve even more engagement for those social media accounts.

Social media metrics

Depending on the social media platform, the metrics used for tracking social media engagement can vary, however the most popular measurements are likes, comments and shares.

With that in mind it is important to work to create shareable content and encourage feedback which we look at in more depth below with tips and ideas. Other metrics which also can be used is looking at overall reach, followers and mentions on posts such as being tagged or click through, for example on a blog post or article on your website.

It is worthwhile reviewing your own marketing goals to identify what social media metrics are relevant for your business and aims for the business. It could be that aiming to change brand perception of your business, and therefore increasing the level of likes or positive responses on post engagement is a metric you wish to track.

Or if could be you are looking to build relationships with followers and create brand advocates to be able to increase your user generated content. With users tagging you in their own posts using your product or service, giving a human touch to your brand.

By reviewing how you wish to measure social media engagement will help with your strategy and content planning which is built around the right tools and approaches to boost engagement.

Impactful Content

Depending on how you have decided to be measuring social media engagement metrics for your business, which may be via. social media monitoring tools for example. The first port of call is to consider and understand for your target audience what they would view as impactful content.

It could be that it’s appropriate for your business to post content which has a humour basis or fun approach, which in turn could mean it is shareable content that people want their own audience to see.

Having a real and honest approach to social media content is essential, so your followers and audience want to engage in the content and feel involved in the conversation as opposed to talked at.

Ways to do this include encouraging comments on your posts, such as asking for their point of view on a new product or giving an exclusive behind the scenes on your social accounts, enticing people to ask more about it in your comments or giving feedback.

Another approach is to consider what your potential customer pain points are and what advice and solutions you can share. If you have frequently asked questions from customers, this could be brought into your content planning so people feel your addressing their points before even asked.

Increasing social media engagement - impactful content

Proactive Interactions

With social media it isn’t just the actual content creation which when delivered right will help increase engagement on social platforms, how you respond on social media is also a factor with engagement.

If comments or direct messages are not responded to or when replied to it is days later with a generic response, this could impact on customer loyalty and perception of your business.

Media engagement is important to keep on top of, responding to all comments and direct messages with a personal and timely response. Not just for that person to see, but if it is a comment on a post then it will be seen by others too in your target audience.

Even if receiving negative comments, tackling them head on with a proactive and helpful response and solution can correct any issues that have arisen. Plus, it helps to show other people on the social network how you operate as a business.

By regularly responding to any messages or interactions it can help to build strong relationships and lead to future sales and enquiries with your audience on social media.

Frequent Reporting

To fully understand if current or new ideas built into your social media marketing efforts have worked will be with regular reporting and analysis for each post engagement.

Looking monthly or more frequently across all social media pages and accounts will help to identify content with a higher engagement rate.

From this it can help to know the right areas to focus your efforts in future to help with driving social media engagement even further. It may be that your audience differs slightly across each platform, meaning the need to use bespoke content for different social media channels.

As part of your regular review, analysing popular days and times for your target audience is important so your posts are scheduled in advance for the best times to reach the highest social media presence possible.

We hope you found our blog post useful to understand the importance of having strong social media engagement across your social accounts. Along with tips and advice to help with ways to boost engagement for your profiles.

At 1PCS Creative we offer social media management which includes creating your social content and strategy. As well as monitoring and responding timely to comments and delivering a monthly report, so you know exactly how your engagement metrics are performing.

If you would like to discuss how we can help please feel free to get in touch with one of our team.

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Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online.

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