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Latest changes to Google algorithm you need to know

Header image - Latest changes to Google search algorithm you need to know

Google is always finding new ways of improving the user experience for visitors using Google search to provide helpful and reliable results.

The changes they decide to make are done with Google algorithm updates. Google confirmed recently new Google algorithm updates which are important to know to help the right potential customers find you on Google.

To ensure visitors keep returning to their search engine and they have a positive experience, Google update algorithm frequently each time they find new learnings that can further improve the results and experience for people using Google to find the answer to their search queries. 

Below we share some of the recent updates which could impact your website and result in needing to make some changes to your web pages. This is to ensure you have the right relevant content and page layout among other important search engine optimisation factors, so your business does not suffer with a ranking drop with the Google algorithm updates.

Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online.

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Product Reviews

At end of September 2022 Google released their 2022 product reviews update. This latest update to the Google’s algorithm is to ensure in the search results, visitors are being shown the results with the most useful product reviews for their search queries.

This means they are working to identify reviews which are generic or high in quantity with a product score, but are not including high quality product reviews.

Google’s guidance is to ensure your web page or web pages for your reviews are not generic and include detail on how that product helped them for example a personalised experience, rationale and detail of how your business for that product delivered above and beyond for the customer.

This Google update for product reviews is important as it could impact positioning in the search results. Google is wanting customers to be directed to the best company for their search query.

This Google algorithm update targeted at product reviews aims in their own words “to better reward high quality product reviews, content that provides insightful analysis and original research, and is written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well”

No one Likes Spam

More Google news is that they are tackling search spam for their search results with the announcement of further spam updates recently. Lets face it, no-one likes to receive unwanted spam. So the latest spam update will likely be welcomed by users of Google.

The most recent spam update was in October 2022. This is a Global spam update therefore it has been rolled out for multiple languages. Spam updates aim to ensure only relevant content is being shown in search results. If a website violates their spam regulations this will result in lower positioning in the rankings or not showing at all in the results.

Unfortunately there are continuously new ways of spammers trying to get round the rules and regulations of Google, therefore the continuous updates such as link spam update is to find better ways of identifying spam and taking action. One tool Google use is SpamBrain, this is their AI based spam prevention tool.

If your website isn’t secure it could leave yourself at risk to spammers who could use your website to push their spam higher up the rankings, without you knowing. Our tip is for site owners to double check their website is secure. If your website is penalised from the spam update then it could take months to resolve it. Therefore it is best to put measures in place so you are not at risk.

Core Algorithm Update

There have been a couple of Google’s core updates during 2022, with one in May 2022 and a further core algorithm update in September 2022. There is usually a few throughout the year. For this core update Google announced the roll out on 12th September with it taking a couple of weeks to complete on 26th September.

The algorithm for Google is constantly being updated, however a core algorithm update is when they make multiple changes, which is why Google decided to announce when this is going to happen. With the core algorithm update this could have an impact for your rankings on Google in the search engine results, which is why the SEO community keep an eye on this continuously for both any Google update and for any impact to the search results.

The core updates are aimed by Google at improving how their system works overall to review content, rather than looking web page by web page or site by site. With the core update some content may now position higher, but equally some content could cause a ranking drop.

If you haven’t done so already our tip would be to review your own content to see how it is performing in the search results on search engines. Taking time to do your own in depth research following any core algorithm update will help you to identify any content and web page changes to make. Helping your business to be seen in the search results sooner if you are providing the right reliable and helpful advice.

How can we help?

We hope our blog post has been useful to learn more on the changes in the last few months with the Google algorithm updates. These are just a few of their recent algorithm updates, therefore it can take up time to keep on top of any changes you need to make to your content and web pages.

At 1PCS Creative we have the right knowledge and expertise to take that worry away from you. Our team are continuously reviewing any Google algorithm updates to understand fully any impact for our clients and making relevant changes, so they are higher in the search results with relevant content for the search queries on Google. Please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you.


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Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online

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