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SEO Content Strategy For Businesses

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All websites should have a SEO Content strategy, as this will make a big impact on the level of organic traffic going to your website from search engines such as Google. Not only this, it can also help to ensure it is the right traffic to your website.

With the right SEO content on your website it will enable your business to appear in the search results for relevant search queries. There are many components which creates an impactful SEO strategy. Within our blog post we will be specifically focus on SEO content.

Looking at some key areas such keyword research, having a good site structure and strong copywriting throughout your web pages. To provide you with some SEO content writing tips and advice.

Importance of SEO

It is important to regularly review and update the content on your website to ensure as your business grows and changes, that it is relevant. By ensuring to follow best in practice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) this will help to make sure your website is SEO friendly.

The reason this is an essential element is so that search engines understand when it is relevant to show your website for that particular search query. Google and other search engines use multiple factors to rank your webpages. The SEO content will form part of this analysis.

The search engine results pages are a competitive space and achieving the right SEO can help you to show for the right search results, driving organic traffic to your website, ahead of your competitors.

Keyword Research

Firstly the best starting point when looking to create content suited for SEO purposes on your website, is keyword research to create a keyword strategy. It is recommended to create a list of all the keywords which would be relevant as a target keyword.

It is worth noting that the words you use within your business or with suppliers, are not necessarily the words your target audience would use. Consider what terminology they would use themselves.

For example, how your current and potential customers would speak to you about their enquiry in person, on the phone or email. Visitors to a search engine would likely use similar wording, therefore include them as a main keyword as part of your keyword ideas.

When doing your keyword research you will have a mixture of keywords, with some being highly competitive which are often a broader search term and also related keywords. Down to being a very specific keyword, often referred to as long tail keywords. This may be for example 3-4 words long.

The search volume can be lower due to how specific it is, however usually due to the specific nature visitors can be have a high search intent and be further along the sales funnel, making it potentially easier to convert and with less competition against other sites for this keyword.

Taking the time to do competitor research such as a Google search and use keyword research tools can help you to narrow down the exact keyword ideas too. They can help to know what is relevant for your business to target to help improve your search engine rankings.

Site Structure

Once happy with the target keywords another essential element for your SEO efforts to go to the best use is the site structure. Having an effective structure to your website will help Google and other search engines to correctly understand your site and the content.

In doing so, it helps to ensure the right page is shown in the Google search results to address the user’s search query. For example if the wrong page was shown and it didn’t answer the search query, visitors may not stay on your website for long which sometimes shows search engines that it wasn’t as trustworthy and relevant as first thought. Likely impacting your position in the search engine results page.

It is often recommended to structure the site with the broader main keywords targeted on your homepage and then as you go further into the structure of your site, such as category pages and so on. This then becomes more specific with the focus keywords. This helps Google and search engines to understand your website and what is important.

As part of the structure when including new blog posts and other new content, remember to consider link building with internal links to other pages. Depending on how many pages your website has, if an article is very targeted towards a long tail keyword with a high keyword difficulty for example.

Including internal links to pages which are broader and with higher traffic, such as a category page or homepage can be a useful SEO tip to consider.

Remember to always look at your website not just as a desktop site, but also across all devices such as mobile devices to ensure it is responsive for all. This is taken into account by search engines and will impact your SEO efforts.


When creating relevant content for your website, whilst you are wanting to target keywords from your research, it is important to avoid keyword stuffing. Google is smart enough to know when this occurs and will have an impact on the organic search results.

For content creation for SEO copywriting it is recommended to have the target audience as the first thought for your new copy. It should be an original idea ideally when writing content, for example giving your business point of view on a particular pain point that comes up frequently for your customers.

The aim is to keep visitors interest on your website with your high quality content, so they want to continue learning more and finding out more information on your website. This could be finishing reading the article, or going onto product pages to find a particular product off the back of your useful blog post.

As part of that original idea it can be written with specific keywords in mind, such as focus keywords which SEO content writers will take into account. However, SEO writing isn’t just about using relevant keywords. Copy also must be written in an easy to read format, such as concise and short sentences. With multimedia included such as images and videos.

Therefore don’t just consider fresh content, it is also worthwhile reviewing existing content to make sure it hits the mark with how it has been written. As part of your digital marketing strategy accounting for regularly reviewing your SEO content is important. This includes regularly looking at findings in your Google analytics to see any areas for improvement.

How Can We Help?

We hope our blog post was useful to share some essential SEO tips to help when it you come to create SEO content. Getting your SEO right for search engines like Google, so they understand when it is relevant to show your website for search queries should be of high importance to any marketing strategy.

With the right SEO approach and content it will benefit your organic search results helping to achieve increased traffic, from the right visitors for your business. At 1PCS Creative we can take care of your SEO for you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help with your SEO.

Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online.

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Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online

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