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Social media trends for 2023

Header image - Social Media Trends for 2023

In this blog post we look at the important social media trends for 2023 from social commerce to being authentic with your social media content. Social media continues to be play an essential part of digital marketing for businesses, with a recent study showing that 90% of Instagram users follow a business.

Over the years social media usage has changed and adapted, businesses need to keep pace with current and upcoming trends on each social media platform including Facebook and Instagram. This will help to make the most of the potential opportunities to build meaningful and deeper relationships with their target audience.

Below we look at several social media trends to consider when planning your marketing strategy going into 2023 for your social media content. For example social media videos, to how you interact with social media communities and paid advertising across social platforms.

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Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online. 

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Be Your True Self

One of the previous trends on social media which is proving to be less popular with users, is the need to be using perfect imagery with various filters used which had become the norm on Instagram. With consumer cynicism on the increase, we are seeing more and more that social media users want to have a more authentic experience with brands.

In 2023 we can expect to see more brands sharing content whether that be short videos, instagram stories or sharing user generated content which have been less edited to perfection and show the business from a more natural perspective.

Your audience will be excited to see the process behind your products or services on social media, not just the finished product shown in an unrealistic setting from a staged photoshoot. Social media posts showing behind the scenes and personality to the business, for example using a conversational tone of voice on social media, will come out on top of this social media trend expected for 2023.

Another approach to use on major social media platforms as part of user generated content, is to show real customers as opposed to models as part of your social media marketing strategy. In doing so, this will resonate more for your audience and feel less edited, creating authenticity and integrity through your social media presence.

Social Media Trends for 2023 - Authentic

Two Way Street

Having a bigger involvement in the conversations your audience are taking part in on social channels will become more important in 2023. Whilst having strong user engagement on your social media platforms is very much still a key metric, interaction will also become a more valued key metric as part of a marketing strategy for social media.

Therefore it isn’t just about having outstanding social media content, there also needs to now be a two way dialogue between businesses and their followers and audience. This directly can have an impact on building trust and loyalty with both potential and existing customers on social media.

If a social media user includes brand mentions which can be monitored through social listening tools, if there was no timely or personal response this could cancel out the hard work from the rest of marketing efforts on social media. In 2023 it will be expected to receive a quick response and one which is helpful. The more helpful you can be, the stronger chance of building a stronger relationship.

Not only this, with the public nature of social media, other people will also see how the interaction was dealt with on social media and could impact on their opinion of the business, positively or negatively. This social media trend requires businesses to take the time to add the human touch and get involved with the conversations happening on social channels.

Customer Service Is King

In the past when we think of customer feedback and customer service it would be through channels such as face to face in-store, email or over the phone. As we mentioned above social media platforms are not just there for sharing your social content. Social media is now another customer service channel, whether it is Facebook or other platforms.

This at the basics begins with answering frequently asked questions but extends to going above and beyond for your customers on social media. Just in the same you would if they had called your customer service team or if they had visited your physical store.

Social media is a quick way for internet users to reach out to businesses to find out more, giving businesses the direct opportunity to create meaningful and deeper relationships with their audience. Quick, helpful and personalised responses on social media can help to increase customer retention and loyalty.

Looking at social media trends, customer service will be one of the top social media trends across all social media platforms. Delivering excellent customer service needs to take priority on social media in 2023 as part of the marketing strategy for all businesses, whether it is an E-Commerce business or providing physical services within the local community.

Social Media Advertising

A study found that more than half of businesses plan to increase their social media advertising budget. Paid advertising on major social networks is predicted to be one of the biggest social media trends for 2023. Whilst advertising on social media is not new, this will increase in importance for businesses as part of their digital advertising.

Advertising on social media offers the ability to reach your target audience with detailed and specific targeting with engaging social media ads. More brands are turning to social media to promote their products and services to online communities to achieve various objectives on the ad platform for their marketing campaigns, from brand awareness, retargeting to conversions.

Whether it be on Facebook or other social media platforms. With the advantage of the detailed targeting, it also makes sense as an option not just for UK wide businesses but for local brands too. Due to the benefit of being able to do local targeting for social media ads across social media platforms.

With more businesses choosing to promote brands on social media as part of their marketing efforts. It is important to cut through the clutter in social media feeds with smart targeting, impactful ads whether that is short form videos, carousels or graphics which will resonate with your target audience.

It is predicted with social media users wanting businesses to be more authentic including social proof and user generated content could be a potential approach to suit the changing social media landscape. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is still a current trend which can be utilised by many brands with ephemeral content.

Social Commerce

As part of important social media trends for 2023, social commerce will continue to increase in popularity on social media networks. A study found in China nearly half of social media users have made a purchase on social media. With it expected that the UK will follow in the future.

Since the pandemic the shopping behaviours for many changed with consumers going online, both for product research and to complete their purchases with the restrictions getting to brick and mortar stores. However even with most normality resumed, it has been found many internet users have continued with these shopping behaviours.

In fact, social media sites are anticipated to become a one stop shop, both for researching about products and services to making their purchase through social commerce on social media channels. This won’t just be with the younger generations but with all age groups. With a survey finding 54% of people already use social media to research a product.

Whilst still in earlier stages virtual reality and augmented reality will also complement social commerce with users able to experience products online in an interactive way not just through images and video content.

To give an example, with augmented reality products can be showcased in 3D. Imagine being able to see the sofa you are considering in your own living room, with the option to purchase that sofa all within Instagram and on other social media channels like Facebook. As the technology evolves more brands are expected to utilise both augmented reality and virtual reality.

Social Media Trends for 2023 - Social Commerce

We hope our blog post has been helpful to understand the important social media trends expected for 2023 and beyond. Our experienced team continuously keep on top of any changing trends and look at predictions for social media to utilise within our social media management for clients across all industries and services.

We can help with managing your social media from delivering your social media content to interacting with your audience and responding to brand tags on your behalf. Please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you.

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Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online.

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