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Social Media Trends In 2024

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The landscape on social media is ever changing and so it is vital as part of any marketing strategy to be in the know of important social media trends for 2024. Trends on social media for the upcoming year include focusing in on the type of content posting such as relevancy, originality and authenticity to keep your target audience engaged.

It is year on year increasing that people are buying from social media as a result of a social media ad campaign or social media content being shared. Therefore social commerce is one of the top social media trends in 2024, along with people using social media for their research on products and services.

Our blog post will look at the top social media trends to keep an eye on and bear in mind for your content strategy and approach for your marketing plan in 2024. There are plenty of opportunities for businesses from all industries on social media to be maximised if executed effectively.

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Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online. 

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Quality vs. Quantity

With the popularity of social media across the world, with an ever changing social media landscape it has led to there now being many social media platforms that businesses could be present on. However quantity doesn’t equal quality. For any business it would be challenging to have the resource and budget to deliver effectively across every social media platform.

Equally just because there are many social media networks that a business could be posting on, the social media users may not be the right audience for your business on that those social media channels. Or the platform may not suit the type of content/focus for your business.

It is recommended to run a social media audit to establish where your potential customers and target audience are using social media. It is also important to understand how they are using it, and what type of content and approach is likely to resonate with them. Looking at where your competitors are and social listening tools to get a deeper learning on what social media presence is working well.

From this it will give your business the knowledge to decide which social platforms are going to be best to focus on for your social media marketing strategy. In 2024 is predicted it will be best to focus on a 2-3 social media platforms, rather than trying to be across 7-8 other platforms.

This will allow you to be focused with your social content to suit each social platform such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or other social media platforms instead if relevant. So the social feeds are tailored to deliver more engagement and brand awareness to reach your goals with your marketing efforts.

Original and Entertaining Content

One of the most exciting trend for 2024 is focusing on original and authentic content. Whilst it is important to keep up to date with any algorithm changes and trends on major platforms. Social media users are now seeing through pigging back onto trending sounds if it isn’t relevant for your business or content being posted.

It is more important for your brand account to use a professional platform such as Facebook to be original with your content and relatable. This could be short form video content or personal posts. People want to get to know your business on a deeper more relatable level, with entertaining content.

A study found that 56% of consumers think brands should be more relatable on social media. To provide entertaining and relatable content this can be in many forms for social media marketers and to suit the platform accordingly.

Whilst on Youtube channel horizontal long form content is the norm. For a social media app creating content for social media videos in vertical format is key. With a survey finding 90% of vertical videos have a higher watch completion rate, compared to if it is a horizontal video content.

Therefore, understanding each platform and delivering original, relatable content makes sense for this social media trend. Whilst AI is here to stay, building personal connections and adding human element is a necessity.

One trend for entertaining content expected is retro and vintage, with the want for the nostalgia effect. Think throwback posts and vintage style promotion for new launches to include in social media strategy.

Social Research

Social media sites particularly with the younger generations are turning to social media as part of their research and to find answers. Instagram users are one of the highest for this, although also on the increase for other social media channels too.

As part of the social media trends for 2024, it is important for the social media team to remember people may see their content across all stages of the buying process, from exploratory research right through to your loyal customer base who want to have high user engagement with your social feed.

With this in mind doing your keyword research for your target market will help to identity the right focuses for your social strategies and the need to include relevant keywords within your content planning for social media captions, including local targeting in your social media feeds.

A study found that stores who have at least one social account have 32% more sales on average, than stores who aren’t using social media. Showing the value of this social media trend to ensure a focus on building brand awareness, engagement and a customer base on your social media platforms. Social media has become a must marketing tool for businesses.

Social Commerce

As part of the latest social media trends, it is anticipated that social commerce is set to continue to grow by 30% year on year. A previous study back in 2019 found 80% of online consumers had made a purchase from social media ads. Making social commerce an important trend going into 2024.

With social media strategies for social media ads it is important to have a deep understanding of your audience, more than just their demographics. Knowing their buying patterns and interests will help to ensure you are targeting the right online communities, without wasting ad spend being too broad. For example, retargeting customers can be an excellent approach for social commerce.

Due to people preferring and turning to online shopping, it is also means they are turning online to find reviews of businesses. As a result, it is important to where possible encourage positive reviews to be posted on your social media for people to read and discover. A survey found customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than if it was directly from the business.

This could be in the form of sharing user generated content. If your business is tagged in a glowing review of your product or service, respond with a comment and share far and wide. Even if negative feedback, it is best on social media sites to tackle this head on and show publicly the solution put in place. This can help build trust and reassurance with potential future customers.

Social Media Trends in 2024 - Social Commerce

We hope you found our blog post helpful to get a deeper understanding of some of the social media trends for 2024. Each social media platform will have varying levels to how each trend applies, however as we explained it is important to know which ones are relevant to your business to build the best social media strategy to achieve the best results.

At 1PCS Creative we have the right experience and knowledge to deliver social media ad campaigns and can take care of social media management for your business too. This includes the social media strategy, content, community management and reporting. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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Gemma Finch

Social Media & Paid Ad Specialist at 1PCS Creative. Love engaging and impactful social content, family time with my little girl and helping companies grow and build their presence online.

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