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How Remarketing Campaigns On Google Ads Can Help Your Business

Header image - How remarketing campaigns on Google Ads can help your business

Google Ads are proven to help businesses grow with increased leads and conversions. An important part of Google Ads is including remarketing campaigns. Where relevant to the product or service, including remarketing ads can help to further improve the conversion rates and click through rates too.

Within our blog post, we will discuss what remarketing is and how it works for Google Ads. Along with looking at the main benefits of remarketing to help businesses reach their goals. This can include increased brand awareness, brand recognition and conversion rates.

Remarketing offers the ability to be highly targeted to specific customer groups with Google Ads remarketing, such as website visitors who have abandoned their cart with a personal customised offer to incentivise them to complete their purchase. In our blog post, we look at different examples of how the targeting abilities of Google Ad remarketing can be used as an advantage for businesses.

What is remarketing?

When referring to remarketing (also may have heard of it referred to as retargeting) this is your website visitors who for a number of reasons may not have completed their purchase or made an enquiry. You can then remarket to them after they have left your website, targeting them on other sites.

It often isn’t that they left your website due to lack of interest, they have found your website due to needing your product or service. They may just have simply run out of time to complete their purchase or enquiry or want to take some time to think about it before proceeding further. Showing the need to make sure your business is at the front of mind of their mind after they have left your website.

To begin remarketing, this is done by adding a tracking code to your website to allow you to advertise to them when they visit other sites. Remarketing is an impactful way to continue building trust and recognition with people who have already visited your website. As above, they are more likely to be in need of your product or service.

By remarketing to those past website visitors, when the time is right and they remember they still need what you offer, they are more likely to go through to your website and convert, than if they hadn’t had that reminder and brand awareness of your business due to the Google Ad campaign.

Remarketing on Google Ads

There are several ways in which remarketing can be done for example email marketing campaigns and social media remarketing such as Facebook. However, Google Ads provide the ability to reach the majority of your target audience and gives precision and personable targeting which we discuss more below.

The Google Display Network reaches 92% of all internet users, giving businesses the ability to have a broad reach with their remarketing audiences. From the remarketing tag for your website visitors, to your first remarketing campaign, Google Ads can have a huge impact on the growth of your business.

Research has found that past visitors to your website are more likely to convert to customers, therefore they are worthwhile to include in your marketing efforts. When done correctly Google remarketing ads with the right knowledge and expertise, provide the ideal opportunity to increase conversion rates.

Audience Targeting

Remarketing campaigns with a Google Ads account allows you to target people as specifically as you wish for each ad group. To give an example your website may offer various product ranges or services. From the tracking code, you could create ads to target a specific area of your business with paid advertising.

For example, your business may sell shoes and create remarketing lists for when a user visits the female sports shoes category. As part of your remarketing strategy, you could serve ads specifically to this remarketing audience which specifically feature relevant sports shoes for women.

Making the ads personal and customised to this audience will increase the chances of them clicking through on the advert and converting to complete a purchase.

Campaign Goals

With the flexibility and the specific target audiences you can reach from analysing the website visitors with remarketing tags, it is important at the outset to understand your campaign goals. This will allow you to maximise the remarketing ad spend and allocate to the right remarketing purposes.

Googles Ads accounts and Google Analytics will provide the ability as noted above to see where page visitors have been. As an example, a new audience could be created for potential customers who visited your website but abandoned their cart.

Serving ads to this audience with Google Ads may suit being targeted with a different approach to remarketing lists for returning customers. For example, the remarketing audience based on potential customers could be targeted with a free delivery code or discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Whereas, a percentage off a second purchase may work for the returning customers as a remarketing campaign. It is always recommended different ads and targeting is tested as it results will differ for different industries and sectors.

Cost Efficient

When looking at your digital marketing plans and overall marketing strategy, investing in a Google remarketing campaign can provide higher cost efficiencies over traditional methods to be able to reach the same audience.

Also with the customisable and personally targeted ads to users when running remarketing campaigns on Google Ads, the tailored nature of the adverts and targeting users can lead to higher conversions. 

Not only this, with Google Ads being a pay per click online advertising model, it means your business is achieving brand awareness and recognition without using ad spend, right up until a visitor clicks through on your advert.

Whereas if you consider print advertising as an alternative, you could be reaching and paying for your advert to be seen by an audience not applicable to your business. Whilst also not knowing for sure if they converted into a sale. With Google Ads, you can directly see how your remarketing ad spend is performing.

Testing And Optimisation

Another advantage to Google Ads is the ability to fully understand exactly how your Google remarketing campaign is performing and can continue to test and optimise the results. Through the Google Analytics account when analysed and campaigns created correctly for testing purposes, you can identify ways to further maximise your ad spend with Google Ads.

This could be for example, testing two different offers with a remarketing audience with your search ads and display ads to identify which gave the highest results to help improve ad relevance. Alternatively, the same ad could be shown to different target audiences from your remarketing lists.

Reporting, when analysed correctly, can identify focus areas to upweight ad spend such as by device and/or geographical location. Having this level of control with remarketing efforts provided the right time and effort is invested with regular testing and optimisation, can help to increase your click through rate and conversion rates.

How Can We Help?

We hope our blog post has helped to demonstrate how remarketing can benefit your business. Remarketing Google Ads not only increases brand recognition but also trust with your target audience. It can also further support growing your business with increased leads and conversions.

Past website visitors typically can be more likely to become customers for your business with the relevant remarketing efforts. At 1PCS Creative we are a Google Partner and have the right knowledge and expertise to deliver effective Google Ad campaigns, including a focus on remarketing. Please feel free to get in touch with one of the team.


Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online.

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Ben Webster

Creative director at 1PCS. Addicted to design, SEO, pizza and helping companies big and small succeed online

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